Wednesday, August 04, 2021

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A Foodie’s Guide To Chicago

This bustling metropolis is marked with restaurants, diners and bakeries where you find some of the best foods in the entire country. And when these fail to do the magic, dozens of food trucks enter the scene and take your taste buds on an exciting ride. If you are a foodie who is contemplating a […]


Gariep Dam Accommodation

If you are looking for warm, friendly and local hospitality, you have to try out Gariep dam. This dam is the biggest dam in South Africa. The dam surface stretches over about 140 square miles and holds 5,340,000 mega litres of water. This little “jem” is found in the heart of South Africa. It is […]

The Top 5 Places To Eat

When you are in Puerto Rico, having a gastronomical experience is one activity that you simply must indulge in. You could have the rustic form of this in a Mesón, a restaurant that has been endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company for its superior quality. This way you get a taste of the rustic […]


Benefits Of Using A Camping Pad

Are you a camping enthusiast? After you have bought a sleeping bag and a tent, the next most important item you must consider is a camping pad. A comfortable cushioned mattress makes a difference between a good nights sleep where you wake refreshed in the morning, or, a rough night without sleep and waking up […]