A Foodie’s Guide To Chicago

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This bustling metropolis is marked with restaurants, diners and bakeries where you find some of the best foods in the entire country. And when these fail to do the magic, dozens of food trucks enter the scene and take your taste buds on an exciting ride. If you are a foodie who is contemplating a visit to Chi-Town to explore the local food scene, then you have landed on the right page. Here’s where you will find the best food that Chicago has to offer.

Fine-dining restaurants

Boasting about two dozen Michelin-starred restaurants, Chicago is ready to take your fine-dining experience to a new height. Alinea has been a hot favorite among Chicagoans ever since its inception in 2005. And the same can be said about Oriole. Located in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, this 2-Mechelin-starred restaurant has always been counted among the best fine dining restaurants in the city.

Blackbird has been elevating the food scene of Chicago for more than two decades now. The restaurant doles out food with a twist that are simply a joy to the eyes as well as to the taste buds. The French are known for their love for food and if you love their food, then Everest is your destination. Some other fine-dining restaurants worth mentioning here are Goosefoot, Longman & Eagle and North Pond.

Budget eateries

Do not fret if you don’t have big bucks in your pocket because Chicago is for all. There are several budget restaurants in the metropolis where you can gorge on delectable food without breaking the bank. And the first names that comes to mind when you think about relishing delicious food in Chicago on a budget is Birrieria Zaragoza where you can savor the best Mexican food the city has to offer. This family-run place gives a new meaning to comfort food. It also has what many believe to be the best roasted goat in the entire city. Sultan’s Market offering the toothsome Middle Eastern cuisine at affordable price is another great choice. They now have two joints in the Chi-Town for you to relish yummy food. Calumet Fisheries, Fabulous Freddies Italian Eatery and Lem’s Bar-B-Q are a few other budget restaurants in the city worth trying. So, get on a last minute flight to Chicago today and send your taste buds on a ride.

Best food trucks

More than the quality of food, it’s the depth of Chicago’s culinary scene which entices people to book a low cost airline ticket to the city. And adding a unique dimension to the local culinary repute are dozens of food trucks serving delectable comfort food to Chicagoans. 5411 Empanadas serving savory pies filled with beef, goat cheese, dates or bacon is one of the most famous food trucks in Chicago. Aztec Dave’s which has everyone swooning over its Mexican dishes can be found near Hyde Park. Beavers Coffee and Donuts can fix your craving for donuts and a refreshing drink. Also, give The Happy Lobster, Bombay Wraps and The Fat Shallot a shot while you are in the city.

So, the next time you are swamped by the thoughts of embarking on a culinary adventure, forget about booking flight tickets to San Francisco or New York City and satiate your palate with mouth-watering food in The Windy City.

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