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If you are looking for warm, friendly and local hospitality, you have to try out Gariep dam. This dam is the biggest dam in South Africa. The dam surface stretches over about 140 square miles and holds 5,340,000 mega litres of water.

This little “jem” is found in the heart of South Africa. It is situated between the Orange Freestate, the Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape. If you are looking for Gariep dam accommodation there is so much to choose from.

Because it is such a popular holiday and tourist destination you will find many guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels in this area. If you look up ‘safari now’ in Google, you will definitely find help with your search for perfect accommodation.

My personal recommendation for Gariep dam accommodation is Boschrand Guest Farm. They are situated only twenty kilometres from the biggest dam in South Africa. So it is very close to all the buzz and excitement but you can relax in your own private chalet with secure facilities on a farm.

The kids can milk the cows in the morning or feed the lambs that roam the farmyard. A “bushveld” fire at night to grill your meat on will give you that true African feeling. There is nothing that beats a quality steak on an open South African fire.

The Gariep dam is also a great place for the kids. They can play in secure facilities under the friendly African sun. The Forever Gariep resort is also a wonderful place of entertainment for the whole family.

The Gariep dam is a safe swimming area and those that love fishing must definitely go and try their skills in these waters. You will find a variety of fish species in this dam. The most popular catch in this area is the yellow fish. He loves to feed on bait like bread and small little insects. This fish can be very bony and does not taste like much. If fishing is a hobby and you like to ‘catch and release’ then you will definitely enjoy the Gariep dam.

Also remember that when you are looking for Gariep dam accommodation to ask the hosts whether they have some fishing gear and tackle available for you.

You can also rent motorboats if you are a water ski fanatic. In summer time you will find loads of water ski activities on this water reservoir.

If you are thinking about a holiday in South Africa, make sure to go check out Gariep dam accommodation at Boschrand guest farm. You will not regret it.

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