Three Weekend Getaways To Take In Texas

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Ah, weekend getaways. There are very few words in the English language that bring greater joy to people than those promising to be free from the rigor & worry of everyday life. The only real issue that most people face when planning a weekend excursion is deciding where it is they actually want to go.

Truth be told, it would be a bit crazy to sit and think about each & every possible location because viable options are all round us. It’s best to think of one place that has the most to offer, so it goes without saying (though we are just about to say it) that the best place for weekend getaways is the great state of Texas.

Yes, you heard right. Texas is more than just the popularized depictions you see in popular media today. Granted, the hats & boots are still a thing, but Texas has become a powerful force on the national & international stage. You also have to take into consideration that with a population pushing thirty million people and said population becoming increasingly diverse, it’s easy to see that Texas is more than just what you see in old Westerns.

What makes Texas a hotbed for the weekend getaway is that if you look at the physical dimensions of the state (about 800 miles both long & wide), there tends to be a major city near enough that a day-trip or road-trip can easily coincide with a stay at a great hotel or B&B. This means that whether you’re a resident of the Lone Star State or coming for a visit, Texas has you covered!

Again, you’re faced with the prospect of deciding where to go for your getaway. Rather than running yourself ragged & getting lost under atlases and roadmaps, here are three Texas weekend getaways that need to happen in your life soon:

1. Texas Hill Country Wine Tour – This may be a bit of a misnomer, but there is a reason for it. Technically, the Texas Hill Country covers a significant land mass in the middle of the state. Because of its climate, it tends to be a haven for vineyards. Over the years, Texas had begun to make a name for itself in the wine industry, with some of the foremost minds in the business tipping their hat to Texas as a growing player in the wine world. Traveling in the region, you have a chance to taste wines in cities such as Wimberley, Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, and San Antonio.

2. Austin, Texas – If you’re going to see all that Texas has to offer, why not head to the capital city? Austin is referred to as “the music capital of the world”, and with a massive local music scene, as well as a plethora of popular music tours always coming through, it’s easy to see why. The city also has its historical side, not to mention the University of Texas, the State Capitol, and the LBJ Presidential Library.

3. Fredericksburg, Texas – If you’re looking for small-town charm, this is the place to be. Moreover, Fredericksburg lies somewhat in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, which means it has proximity to many of the other cities in the area. This is key because while you choose to take in the sights & sounds of larger cities or other notable attractions (i.e., Enchanted Rock, Jacob’s Well, Stonehenge II), Fredericksburg can be your home-base, and with lovely places to spend the night in town, it’s a great way to relax after a long day of taking in the sights. It’s also a great place to spend a weekend all on its own.

Weekend getaways are treasured respites from a busy world. Let the charm of the state of Texas be your guide in getting the most out of your trip.

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