Work Study In Norfolk State University

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Study in Norfolk State University not only a dream for those students who have not any source but also provides work study.  There are different study plan for students who are eligible, students another means of meeting their financial obligations to the university. It is a beneficial study program that allows students to gain valuable experience and earning opportunities.

Work Study Program In Norfolk State University

The work-study program allows only eligible students to be awarded either federal or institutional one work-study. But there are some departments exclude for work study employment: housing, athletics, student activities, parking and band.

If you have a financial aid award letter that indicates toward federal or institutional work-study, the notification will be sent to you for informing you to attend a workshop.  After that you will further inform about your duties as a work-study. The students who have been awarded work-study would find and securing campus employment.  There are many offices and departments around the campus that will post their available openings to the campus employment website.

Eligibility For Work Study In Norfolk State University


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